Rise Above

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A gothic rock opera both before and ahead of its time.

“What is fair in men passes away, but not so in art.”

~Leonardo Da Vinci

     In time, art became outlawed and was considered inferior to mankind’s advancement.  Consequently, suicide and depression rates were at an all-time high, crime rates had skyrocketed, diplomacy ceased to exist, and the world had plunged into darkness.

     The Leaders, the modern day government, concealed this information from the public to maintain support for their cause: winning The Relay, the war for global domination, technological advancement, and scientific knowledge. 

     Despite The Leaders’ best efforts against rebellion, an underground community, known as “The Da Vincis”, arose and risked everything to preserve all art forms and show that both art and science were equally important to society.  Lead by Croalia, a mysterious figure versed in many art forms, the Da Vincis were beginning to inspire others and succeed in their cause. 

     In an effort to protect modern law and power, The Leaders issued a decree that all Da Vincis were to be hunted, captured, and made example of by way of public execution, and that anyone caught practicing “the forbidden” or found to be in aid of the Da Vincis would be banished to the Circus.  Run by the notorious Clown, the Circus put on the façade of a show, but was what was considered the danger in practicing art, as all who had entered this freak show had never returned. 

     Determined to never stop fighting for their cause, the Da Vincis decided to take the ultimate stand.  In present time, another underground war has begun and the result will be either world destruction or world freedom.  This is the time to scream in the silence, this is the time to rise above the oppression; this is the time to change the world. 

This…is the Gothic Renaissance.

Missed the preview performance of "Renaissance" on October 11th?

Stay tuned! The full production of "Renaissance" is coming soon!