Rise Above

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Performance artist, aerialist, actress, dancer, musician, choreographer, and so much more.  Croalia is an artist down to her core.  With original performances that range from light-hearted and  whimsical to dark and macabre, Croalia dares to break the barriers of traditional performance art and create a vivid stage show using elaborate costumes, vibrant set and prop design, a versatile range of art forms, and captivating stories.  She truly creates a world of her own, and you can't help but enter.  Drawing on her own experiences and personal torments as well as those of others, she continually engages in what she refers to as nontraditional "art therapy", and utilizes a wide variety of art forms to create original performances that are used as social commentary and to evoke a powerful response and shed light on many of the hardships humans endure..  Her hope is to let others share their voice and show that no matter the situation, you can "rise above" it.
     Croalia has trained in various forms of circus arts, dance, film and theatre, voice, violin, and flow arts.  Today, she continues to practice all of these art forms, specializing in aerial and fire performance, and currently tours and performs for various theatres, circus troupes, festivals, and events worldwide.